Our mission

Ensuring future generations can enjoy bears and bear hunting. We donate 10% of all profits to select conservation partners and work with them to promote bear conservation.


Hello and thank you for visiting our site!

My name is Will deRover and I am one of the founders of Bearbeans Coffee. 

At Bearbeans Coffee we are passionate about bear conservation. My background as a hunter and hunting outfitter has deepened my knowledge of just how vital hunters are to the conservation of wildlife. We provide funds to state/province run programs that research and conserve wildlife when we purchase hunting licenses and tags. We are also the main source of regulated population control when we harvest mature animals during hunting seasons.

We built Bearbeans Coffee as another way for both hunters and non-hunters to give back to bear conservation. This can now be done while enjoying many people's morning beverage of choice, fresh ground coffee! 10% of our profits are donated to our partners, such as the Western Bear Foundation, which we select carefully for their commitment to the conservation of bears in North America.


Check out this short video from the Western Bear Foundation to see why they are a great fit as one of our partners in conserving bear populations for future generations!